Nailtiques Product Photography Print Feature

With it being winter, there is nothing better than working with controlled lighting (and heating) in the studio. I tend to shoot a lot of studio <a href=”/1169819” data-link-type=”internal” data-link-value=”1169819”>product photography</a> over autumn/winter as there tends to be product releases in the run up to Christmas or after in New year. Moreover working outside isn’t too reliable at this time of the year.
A great commission came up for new product shots for the Nailtiques brand in a print advertising feature. The brief demanded stylish, clean and fresh cosmetic images showcasing the product range, but also the incorporation of water and orchids; a visual signature of the brand. Importantly colours need to be rendered accurately; especially for the polishes.

I love working with water and liquids, as its a very unpredictable and difficult medium, with patience and persistence however the results can be spectacular…and more than worth the effort. As well as the standard range shots I wanted to create something a bit different and based on some previous product work the client was happy to let me experiment.

Here are some of the results; I had great fun during the shoot, it involved that meticulous attention to detail that I can be a bit of a geek about. But the retouch was when things really came together, incorporating multiple elements from separate images, experimenting with opacities &amp; reflections and creating that weightless feeling with the liquids pulling together the composition. Do I love my job? Yes, yes I do.


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